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Alex Joseph & Family

Alex and family lived in three compounds and were rarely all in the same place at the same time. However, it was common that multiple wives would be sharing the same home and when Alex was there, they all interacted openly with one another as they shared time with him. While jealously was an issue for some wives in the early stages of their marriage all of the wives ultimately adjusted to the concept of being part of an extended family.  The wives would collaborate with one another to be sure the wife was most likely to be at the right time in her menstrual cycle to possibly become pregnant would be the one encouraged to spend that night with Alex.

The wives referred to one another as “sister wives”. They often spoke of the advantages polygamy afforded them which included an ongoing supportive and loving relationship with other women. They spoke of friends in monogamous marriages who expressed feelings of a loss of connection with their former women friends as the challenges of their traditional marriages, careers and family lives grew more demanding.

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