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Joseph Wives

The Joseph wives understood in the ancient traditional sense they were “chattel property” in the old world patriarchal culture they chose to become part of.  But, in their family, while they sought and followed Alex’s beliefs completely, they each enjoyed considerable independence as they maintained  their individuality, developed careers and found their unique place in the Joseph family and Kingdom.

During my years with the Joseph family Diane was a professional nurse, Margaret an upholsterer, Leslie ran a local store, Boudicca was a realtor, Elizabeth studied law with the support of the family and practiced law, in Utah,  Joanna was a graphic designer, Pamela fulfilled the unique role of the community “Jane of all trades”, Carrilyn was a budding musician and  Lindy worked at a local radio station.  Dawn, at nine years old, was the youngest of the Joseph “wives”. She had been betrothed to Alex and the Joseph family by her parents, members of the Kingdom. Her marriage to Alex would take place and be consummated years in the future.

Their varied skills and interests also created a rich and stimulating environment for the Joseph children. All adults in the family interacted with each child as a loved one and often by teaching them skills they had, responding to the question the children asked or by simply sharing their knowledge of the world. All adults in the Joseph family, and in the Kingdom as well, were lay teachers. The sharing of knowledge was a common thread woven throughout family life.

[a selection of photographs from the complete portfolio]

Note: A video journal of this subject is currently in development and will be posted here when complete.

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