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The Fabulous Dyketones

One summer evening in 1987 I attended a community wide performance event in Provincetown, Massachusetts created to introduce and celebrate various entertainers who were performing in the many night clubs that summer in this vacation mecca at the very tip end of Cape Cod.

I heard The Fabulous Dyketones – a 50’s Rock and “Role”band – playing my favorite high school rocks and roll song – Why Do Fools Fall in Love?, by Frankie Lyman. I met them after the show.  I asked about the name of their band and the said they claimed the derogatory term “dyke” for their band name to take back a hurtful word, take control of it and, use it for a purpose of empowerment.

I spent two weeks interviewing and photographing them in performance and behind the scenes.

[a selection of photographs from the complete portfolio]

Note: A video journal of this subject is currently in development and will be posted here when complete.

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